Hey reader! I’m going to start writing regularly. At first, I plan to do them quick and short just to establish the routine. But as I go, I expect to have better quality content that I think you will love.

What does this mean?

I plan to do this in three tiers.

  1. Maintain this Blog (daily) about life = family, health, finance
  2. Send Emails to subscribers (weekly) about work = productivity + tech; and then
  3. Online Magazine contributions (monthly) = i.e., hacker noon (my first post is quite technical, but see it here)

Now for my blog entry today…

I know it’s a weird transition, but I don’t want to think about this post too much. As I said I want to start quick and short. So here goes.

This morning, I realized two things:

  1. Success is a variable
  2. Greatness is a constant

This means that “Success” is pretty much different to everyone. One person could want to achieve a simple end goal, and another could want world domination.

But deep inside, I think humanity has a common idea of what “Greatness” is –something more noble to aim for.

Unfortunately, the popular culture of start ups and “successful” entrepreneurs and/or CEOs has put so much emphasis on “Success” that many of us forgot about a better life goal of achieving “Greatness”

You may not even know about what I’m talking about. :)

But more on that later, I guess?

One other thing, on Mental Health

Also, this morning, I realized that:

  1. Happiness is temporary. Enjoy it.
  2. Loneliness is temporary. Endure it.

Keep this two things in mind, and hopefully it will help you keep moving forward.

I know it helps me.

To add to these, I also noticed that strong feelings often have an effect on the physical body. Anxiety, to me, makes the muscles in my neck and shoulders tense.

Though it is important to note that emotions are neither bad or good. It’s how we handle them that could determine their effect on our lives.

But more on this later? :)

See you tomorrow.