I remember the days when I can work anywhere I want with just a laptop. I have been working remotely for about 3 years even before the pandemic. So I could take the family anywhere… accompany the wife to her projects… and still work.

Now we’ve been forced to stay put for about a year and we tried our best to adjust.

It has been a mixed bag of good and bad, and lately I feel like it’s not getting any better for me… Mentally, at least.

I know people say we should talk about this. But to me, it’s just so dark and strange, I don’t know how to even begin talking about it.

I just know that I stay awake at night til sunrise thinking about quitting everything… Then comes the new day and suddenly I’m reminded I can’t be so selfish.

I want to have the option of working anywhere again. But this little corner will do for now.

Anyway, here are some words I wrote in my journal a year ago before the lockdown. Just thought I’d share this now for someone who might need to read this. :)

Success is a variable. Greatness is a constant. Happiness is temporary; so enjoy it. Loneliness is temporary; so endure it.